Babile Landlords given ultimatum to end open defecation

The Chief and Landlords (Tendaabas) of Babile in the Lawra Municipality, have given the people in the area, especially house owners, a four-month ultimatum from July 2022 to construct household latrines in their homes.

They said any person who would be caught defecating in the open after the November 2022 ultimatum would be subjected fined to pay some animals and some amount of cash.

“In this wise, all landlords and landladies are compelled to construct toilet facilities in their houses”, a letter addressed to them cautioned.

This was contained in a letter jointly signed by Naa Saapiur Dakuar III, the Chief of Babile, Mr Biere Mwaadogl, and Mr Tuozung Dapila, the Landlords, and Mr Gregory Tengzu, Youth President (Bipola Naa) of Babile and copied to the sectional heads and religious institutions in Babile.

The letter said It has been identified that open defecation, indiscriminate waste disposal, the dumping materials, such as used condoms and incessant cutting of trees at sacred shrines was desecrating the ancestral shrines of Babile (Tengan-Tuure and Duotang).

“We are therefore sounding a word of caution to the public that it is highly prohibited to dump refuse or defecate at the sacred shrines. In fact, it is a first-degree felony by the tradition and customs of Babile.

You would be charged a three-year-old ram, six fowls of six months old, and a cash amount of Gh¢200.00 if you are caught doing same”, portions of the letter stated.
Source: GNA

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